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There is no second chance to defend yourself once you are stated guilty. This makes it crucial to choose a skilled criminal defense lawyer in Indianapolis. At Gill Berry Law, we occupy our most educated criminal defense attorney in Indianapolis. Our attorneys have years of practice to lead you in the right direction. We come with our decision-making ability that can challenge the prosecutor’s evidence. Whether it is a DUI or battery defense, we are your go-to attorneys in every legal matter. Our Alcohol and battery defense lawyer in Indianapolis has a proven track record in handling criminal charges in Indianapolis. Defend your rights with the right attorneys. Get in touch with us now!

With defense strategies, Gill Berry Indianapolis Criminal Defense Lawyer helps you with:

With a skilled DUI lawyer in Indianapolis, we defend all your DUI and criminal offenses. All our DWI & DUI Lawyers in Indianapolis, IN will assist you in:

Our alcohol defense attorney in Indianapolis has required prosecution experience. This makes them a go-to fit for your Alcohol Related Crimes Attorney Indianapolis. At, Gill Berry Law, we focus on getting you a reduction in charges and lessening your penalties.

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With decades of practice, we stand with our client’s trust for defending them. We try hard to reduce all your charges as your battery defense attorney in Indianapolis. We make a detailed study of your case to bring every possible detail to the court’s limelight that can lessen your charges. Whether it is a drug crime or traffic violation, we will be your reliable Indianapolis Drug Crime Attorney at a click. At Gill Berry Law, we try hard to be your trusted Drivers License Reinstatement Attorneys in Indiana.

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